CERACOAT Ceramic Engine Care for Trucks 450 ml


Ceracoat Ceramic Engine Care for Trucks is a ceramic coating that protects your engine and gear against wear.


For all types of engines (4-stroke-engines, 2-stroke-engines, fuel and gasoline and diesel, turbo, race engines).

Ceracoat Ceramic Engine Care is a ceramic coating that protects your engine and gear against wear.

*Applicable also for gear box (manual, not automatic), differentials, chains, suspensions, hydraulic systems*

The ceramic particles adhere to the metal parts in your engine, forming a protection film / protection barrier, that reduces friction and wear in your engine and gear.

The result is an important reduction of consumption, temperature, oil consumption, noise, exhaust emission and an increase of the efficiency of the engine, his power output and his engine life.

The Ceracoat Ceramic Engine Care also protects your engine during cold start and lubrication fails.


APPLICATION: (4-stroke-engines, 2-stroke-engines, fuel diesel and gasoline, turbo, race engines).

No oil or filter change is necessary prior to application.

Ceracoat Ceramic Engine Care is simply to be added to the WARM engine oil. Then drive the vehicle for 10-15 minutes.

Ceracoat will not block the filter.

1 dose (450 ml concentrate) per period of 12 months or after 80- 100 000 km (50 – 60 000 miles) 1 dose for up to 25 liters of oil (or less).