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CERACOAT DES long-time disinfectant 100ml/250ml

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CERACOAT DES long-time disinfectant is a highly effective surface and hand disinfectant.
In contrast to conventional disinfectants, antibacterial and antimicrobial protection occurs after a short time and provides lasting protection against viruses, bacteria and microbes for up to 10 days

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CERACOAT®DES is a water based daily cleaner/disinfectant which leaves behind a Multi-Functional Surface. Once the cleaning effect dissipates, a three dimensional nano-structured layer, measuring 40 times thicker than human DNA, is automatically formed and left behind, allowing for up to 10 days of antimicrobial protection.


Conventional disinfectants are immediately effective, however, their efficacy is limi- ted to their contact time. Unwanted bacteria and viruses begin forming almost im- mediately, mere minutes after a surface cleaning. Using a highly innovative and unique ‘controlled release’ mechanism, the universally accepted active ingredient responsible for CERACOAT®DES antimicrobial effects is released from the nano- structured matrix only when required – allowing for lasting effects of up to 10 days, thus ‘closing the hygienic gap’, protecting the treated surface from microbial growth and virtually eliminating cross contamination between disinfection periods.


Ready-to-use, water-based solution for surface disinfection with a sustainable, antimicrobial effect.

Apply CERACOAT DES long-time disinfectant to the surface and spread evenly with a cloth. Let dry. Do not rinse.
Can be used on all surfaces. For sensitive surfaces, we recommend a resistance test in an inconspicuous area.

Sustainable antimicrobial effect for up to 10 days (tested according to ASTM E 2180)

(enveloped viruses including coronavirus, HIV, HBV, HCV, herpes, influenza, Ebola virus …)



100ml, 250ml