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CERACOAT Ceramic ProtectAll 200ml

CHF 49.00

Renovator & Protector for all surfaces of glass, ceramics, chrome, copper, silver, gold, metal, plastics, lacquered wood, lacquered marble, carbon

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CERACOAT™ PROTECTALL (for all hard surfaces)

Coating, Protector, Renovator for all HARD surfaces of glass, plastic, chrome, copper, silver, ceramic, metal: shower cabin, windows, mirrors, glass furniture, toilet, lavabo, bath, tiles, faucets, bathroom and kitchen in general. Ceracoat™ GENIUS is also antibacterial and has anti-scratch & anti-finger-print properties.

CERACOAT™ PROTECTALL is a very long-lasting surface renovator & protectant for non-absorbent / hard surfaces.

CERACOAT™ PROTECTALL will renovate, make bright and shiny again all your hard surfaces and the thin nano Ceramic film will protect them. Surfaces become liquid & dirt repellent, and easy to clean. CERACOAT™ PROTECTALL is foodstuff neutral, completely safe and anti-bacterial.

Toothpaste, soap, grease, calk, rain, dust will not adhere to the surfaces anymore and will not leave long-lasting dirt anymore. Easy to clean.

After treatment with CERACOAT™ PROTECTALL you no longer need any cleaners. Just clean with a towel or rinse with water. CERACOAT™ PROTECTALL saves you time and money, by preserving the nature. CERACOAT™ PROTECTALL is completely safe and foodstuff neutral!


APPLICATION: Surface must be dry

Put some drops on a towel (or absorbent paper or micro fleece) and apply with circular movements. You will see a mat film. Wait 2-3 minutes and then, polish it clean until you no more see the mat film, but only a perfect shiny, smooth and clean surface. Please wait 2 h before exposing the CERACOATED surface to water. 10-20 ml per m2 / 10 sq ft is enough.

This will give you the best performance for a very long lasting protection.


Dust, liquids and / or dirt are very easily removed using only a towel, an absorbent paper or just rinse it away with water and then dry it. No cleaners needed any more.