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CERACOAT Ceramic Vehicle Care 200ml

CHF 43.00

Protects the whole vehicle-body, rims and windows (glass, metal, light alloy, chrome, plastic, kevlar, carbon, gelcoat, rubber: car – truck – caravan – bike – motorbike – boat – plane – helmets) against all kind of influences

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Ceracoat Vehicle Exterior Care protects the whole vehicle-body, rims and windows (glass, metal, light alloy, chrome, plastic, kevlar, carbon, gelcoat, rubber: car – truck – caravan – bike – motorbike – boat – plane – helmets) against all kind of influences. Ceracoat thin nano ceramic film will coat and protect all your exterior vehicle-body surfaces against dirt, rain, snow, brake dust, bird excrements, insects, exhaust gases, the sun, algae, and small “stones” projected on the vehicle-body and makes the vehicle-body very shiny for a long time. After treatment with Ceracoat you no longer need any cleaners.


APPLICATION: Surface must be clean and dry. Shake well before use.
Than simply put some drops of Ceracoat Vehicle Exterior Care on the surface or directly on a towel (or absorbent paper) and polish it with circular movements until you see appear a mat film on the surface and let it dry. Don’t use too much material: For a normal car about 1/6 of the bottle. After 2-3 minutes polish the “mat powder” away until it becomes very shiny/smooth/fine. The vehicle-body is getting very shiny like a mirror. (Small quantity is sufficient). You can coat your vehiclebody several times to get a smoother surface and an even greater mirror effect. Coating is very long lasting.

Using water is enough to clean or use high pressured water if necessary.
No need for cleaners or shampoo any more. You can also use a wet towel. Rain water (or the sea for boats at a certain speed) will just roll away and clean your vehicle!