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Che cos'è la nanotecnologia?

da Dr. Elio Keller, Presidente Ceracoat Industries

La definizione di nanotecnologia più comunemente utilizzata dal governo e dall'industria comprende strutture, dispositivi e sistemi con proprietà e funzioni innovative dovute alla disposizione degli atomi nell'intervallo tra 1 e 100 nanometri.

Molti campi di attività contribuiscono alle nanotecnologie, tra cui la fisica nucleare, la scienza dei materiali, la chimica, la biologia, l'informatica, l'ingegneria elettrica e l'ingegneria meccanica.

Data l'estrema ampiezza e generalità di questa definizione, molti preferiscono usare il termine "nanotecnologie". Per ragioni di chiarezza, è anche utile distinguere tra prospettive a breve e a lungo termine o dividere il campo in fasi dalla prima alla quarta generazione.

More detailed, Nanotechnology is the description of the science that is able to treat particles that are one billionth of a meter. This is about 100000x thinner than a strand of hair. Scientist have created microscopes which allow them to see them and tools like reactors and mills to manipulate these tiny particles.

With CERACOAT nano technology we are able to create very thin coatings, like a thin protection “film” on any surface, to protect these surfaces from all exterior influences (liquid, dirt, temperature, scratching, fire, odor, wear). By molecular self-organization, the nano-metric building blocks of Ceracoat form an invisible layer / coating on any surfaces. This nano-structuring process works downwards, sideways and upwards resulting in a 3-dimensional protective network. At the same time, the positive characteristics like breathing activity and touch of the surface are retained completely. Crevices on surfaces are usually much larger and make this technology ideal for use as a surface coating because the particles are small enough to fill these crevices and not be detectable to the human touch.

Thanks to the latest developments in NANO technology, there is now a product that reduces the Effort for cleaning, saves time and money and works on ALL surfaces from bathroom tiles, floors and kitchen sinks to furniture and even clothes: CERACOAT

The CERACOAT product family (absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces, vehicle care, engine protectant) works on all surfaces from glass and textiles to metal or plastics. With so many possible applications, CERACOAT is the essential all-purpose surface Protection in every-day life all around the house and car.

Simply for perfect results, most CERACOAT products/liquids are colorless and form an invisible protection coating on all surfaces. Dirt and stain do not adhere to surfaces any longer. Even heavy stains like red wine stains, which can ruin expensive clothes or carpets, are simply wiped off!

Due to its superior product qualities, CERACOAT owns distinctive advantages. Particularly in a saturated market, CERACOAT offers unique growth potentials and new market chances to retailers. Since CERACOAT can be used for a wide range of applications, an extremely large Group of buyers is targeted: The whole population!

What is the contact angle?


The degree to which a liquid spreads on a solid when it comes into contact with it.

One measure of wetting is the CONTACT ANGLE.

Complete wetting is referred to as spreading.